Outlining & Study Skills

Exams may feel far away in September and October, but you need to think about them early in the semester. Here are some tips regarding how to get ready for the inevitable!

Discussion Groups

How and Why: Or, "To Study Group or Not to Study Group – that is the question."

A study group is the least defined, most misunderstood learning tool in law school. Some students swear by them, claiming that this was the source of their legal knowledge. Other students claim that they can't begin to study with all the voices and confusion in a study group. Read More

Recalling Concepts

Law often requires that a student learn an enormous amount of information. Certain definitions and rules must be learned verbatim. Exact words in the definition are vital to the subsequent legal discussion and a student may be required to memorize that specific language. Read More

Outlining Process

Preparing for examinations is not something that you can do in the last couple of weeks of the semester. You can’t simply expect to have all the information that you wrote in your case briefs and notebook to be automatically transformed into a perfect exam strategy.

Read More

Think Now
About Preparing for Exams


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